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Leasing a pickup truck can feel like a bit of a minefield. There are always so many things to think about and options to consider.

Chances are, you are investing in a new pickup for your business, but the most tax efficient lease will depend upon the type of company you are running, whether you are VAT registered and how long you have been trading. Equally, you might need some advice on the best pickup and accessories to suit the way you will use your pickup. You may also have queries about the length of lease and exactly what's included.

We've tried to include as much information as possible in the website. Each customer has unique circumstances though, so we might not have answered the question that's bugging you.

We prefer to talk things through with you, but you may still be researching the market and aren't ready to pick up the phone just yet. If that's the case please email us with your query using the link below. We promise that one of our pickup leasing experts will respond within one working day.

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    Question asked: 25/05/2016 - I have leased a vw amorak. I have had it 7 months. Can I give it back before my contract is up and if so, what penalty charge is there. Thank you.

    Answer provided: 03/06/2016 -

    Hello, it all depends on the type of agreement you have. If you have a contract hire then there will be an early termination fee which usually afte...

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    Question asked: 16/03/2016 - If I lease a vehicle for work how do I go about insurance as it won't be my vehicle?

    Answer provided: 03/06/2016 -

    Hi Marcus, thanks for getting in touch. If you were to lease a vehicle through ourselves you will need to insure the vehicle yourself through a thi...

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    Question asked: 03/04/2016 - is there any chance of being able to get Hire/Lease Purchase with poor credit? or will this not be an option?

    Answer provided: 18/05/2016 -

    Hi Simon, thank you for leaving your question on the site. A lot of our customers believe that if they don’t have very good credit, they cannot be ...

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    Question asked: 16/11/2015 - My limited company has now been trading for 8 months and doing quite nicely. Unfortunately, I have a ccj against my personal record that will come off my file in late 2016. I need to now lease a pick up but would you advise me to wait for credit file to go clean or is just the company vetted?

    Answer provided: 18/11/2015 -

    Hello John, thank you for getting in touch. My advice would be to wait until the CCJ is cleared, this will also give us a better choice of funders ...

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    Question asked: 08/10/2015 - How much will it cost me to lease a ranger limited/wild track for 2 years then hand it back. I'm a self employed gardener, probably do 12-15,000 miles per year

    Answer provided: 22/10/2015 -

    Hi Marcus, thanks for getting in touch. For us to give you the most accurate quote, it is best that you call us on 01442 838 193 and then one of ou...

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    Question asked: 16/10/2015 - Hi, I have my own business but would I qualify to apply for the Ford ranger? I'm not VAT registered.

    Answer provided: 21/10/2015 -

    Hi Lee, Yes, as a business owner you are eligible to apply for all vehicles, including the Ford Ranger, at the business pricing. The finance compan...

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    Question asked: 26/09/2015 - Does the Mitsubishi L200 come with a tow bar?

    Answer provided: 29/09/2015 -

    Hi Colin, thanks for getting in touch. As standard the L200 does not include a tow bar, however, we can add this into the cost if you wish. Thank y...

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    Question asked: 06/09/2015 - When you agree to a personal lease on a pickup is there a credit check?

    Answer provided: 08/09/2015 -


    Hello, thank you for getting in touch. If you are looking to lease a vehicle with us you will need to undergo a credit check, this wil...

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    Question asked: 01/09/2015 - Looking into a PCP on a Ford Ranger 2.2 Limited. Is this something you could do? We do not have a business, but are employed.

    Answer provided: 02/09/2015 -

    Hi Julie, thank you for getting in touch. Unfortunately, at this time we are only able offer the Ford Ranger to business users. Thank you. Kind reg...

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    Question asked: 22/08/2015 - Hi, I'm considering leasing an L200 but don't know which lease is best suited for me? I don't wish to use it for work, just a day to day vehicle. Due to size issue I need a big car.

    Answer provided: 25/08/2015 -

    Hi Alex, thank you very much for leaving your question on our website. We can offer 2 different leasing options for personal. I have below written ...

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