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Leasing a pickup truck can feel like a bit of a minefield. There are always so many things to think about and options to consider.

Chances are, you are investing in a new pickup for your business, but the most tax efficient lease will depend upon the type of company you are running, whether you are VAT registered and how long you have been trading. Equally, you might need some advice on the best pickup and accessories to suit the way you will use your pickup. You may also have queries about the length of lease and exactly what's included.

We've tried to include as much information as possible in the website. Each customer has unique circumstances though, so we might not have answered the question that's bugging you.

We prefer to talk things through with you, but you may still be researching the market and aren't ready to pick up the phone just yet. If that's the case please email us with your query using the link below. We promise that one of our pickup leasing experts will respond within one working day.

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    Question asked: 19/09/2018 - I am looking to get a new pickup but have a bad credit score. Will your company be able to supply a pickup to me? Many thanks, Martin

    Answer provided: 19/09/2018 - At Pickup Trucks Direct (part of the Autorama Group) we use a number of different finance companies (funders) and they all have different credit under...

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    Question asked: 19/09/2018 - I am considering leasing a pickup for my grounds maintenance company but we do about 25000miles/yr. What implications does this have? Or would I be better to buy the pickup outright than leasing?

    Answer provided: 19/09/2018 - Hi Steve, thanks for your question. Your mileage should certainly be taken into account when you get a quote, but the good news if you choose a Financ...

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    Question asked: 19/09/2018 - I'm currently a self employed gardener and looking for a new pickup truck. I am struggling with how to go about it and the best way for me to finance it and was wondering if you could help me decide on what way to go. Thanks.

    Answer provided: 19/09/2018 - Hi Scott. Without knowing more about your specific requirements, it’s hard to say which would be the best choice for you, but there are certainly plen...

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    Question asked: 19/09/2018 - Do your pickup lease offers have limited mileage ?

    Answer provided: 19/09/2018 - Hello Darren, thanks for your question. Our pickup truck offers advertised on the website are based a finance lease over a 5 year term with a mileag...

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    Question asked: 09/08/2016 - I have a UK ltd and I need to buy, with a finance lease purchase, a left hand drive car to be driven in Europe (UK insurance). Can you help me?

    Answer provided: 13/09/2016 -

    Hello, thank you for getting in touch.

    We are able to lease vehicles that can be taken abroad, however we are not able to lease left hand dr...

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    Question asked: 18/08/2016 - Can I buy through you as a private individual rather than through a business?

    Answer provided: 13/09/2016 -

    Hi Graham, thank you for your question. You can still lease a vehicle, we offer two different types for personal. Personal Contract Hire and Person...

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    Question asked: 13/08/2016 - I'm interested in leasing a warrior through my business.

    Answer provided: 13/09/2016 -

    Hi, thank you for getting in touch and we’re glad that you’re looking to lease your brand new pickup through us. If you’d like to get a tailored qu...

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    Question asked: 05/08/2016 - Can you still lease a vehicle if you aren't a business?

    Answer provided: 13/09/2016 -

    Hi Steve, thank you for your question. You can still lease a vehicle, we offer two different types for personal. Personal Contract Hire and Persona...

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    Question asked: 17/04/2016 - Hi, I have just registered as a new ltd company, Is it possible to set up a business lease contract or do I have to have been trading for a set period of time first?

    Answer provided: 03/06/2016 -

    Hi Stevie, thank you for leaving your question on the site. A lot of our customers believe that they may not be accepted for finance on a vehicle. ...

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    Question asked: 25/03/2016 - Can I get out of a finance lease agreement before the agreed term ?

    Answer provided: 03/06/2016 -

    Hello, we can always look at ending the agreement early, however, there may be a charge depending on the type of agreement you have. If you have a ...

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