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Our Review

There was a time when a pick - up was suited to the building site and were built accordingly. Almost over night they became the choice of company car for many due to the attractive pricing of the commercial vehicle tax rate, and as a result chrome finishes and luxury interiors began to emerge on pick - ups in place of sturdy and rugged design. The pendulum has swung again towards the centre, and many pick - up manufacturers aim to give the best of both worlds, as typified in the Nissan Navara Diesel D/Cab Pick - up.

Pick - ups do tend to be sturdy workhorse beasts even if the interior is carpeted and often the school run is its intended use. For a more conventional pick - up load, the Nissan Navara 2.5 diesel engine gives a drive 190 bhp and a torque of 450Nm at 2000 revs. This pulling power rivals Land Rover, and is highly impressive especially as the 31.4 mpg beats the Land Rover on fuel consumption too.

The Nissan Navara has a payload of 1110kg which is similar to many panel vans. Like all pick - ups it feels the bumps and lumps of urban roads, and its bouncy drive can be a little unsettling. Nissan have done a fair job however of keeping the suspension in check and when compared to other pick - ups, the Nissan Navara's drive is as smooth as any other.

As the Nissan Navara is designed to take the children to school as well as the materials to the building site, it has by commercial vehicle standards a luxury interior. The 6 multi - changer CD stereo can be accessed via the controls on the steering column. The Nissan Navara comes with ABS, EBD, brake assist and ESP traction control. All good for off road drives as well as negotiating busy urban streets. Both a driver and passenger airbags have been fitted together with side impact airbags, which is unusual in many commercial vehicles. Just to round it off curtain airbags have been fitted too. Electric windows complete the luxury.

The Nissan Navara represents a good attempt and design at providing a crossover of a practical commercial vehicle and the comfort and drive of a standard saloon. If the nature of the role of the pick - up is to take loads off road and to take little Tommy to school, then it is difficult to think of a better model than the Nissan Navara.

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  • Miodrag Maksimovic Nissan Np300 Navara Diesel
    August 23 2016

    Very comfortable and practical, very impressed.

  • August 17 2016

    My first pick up but definitely not my last. Instantly hooked!

  • August 16 2016

    Awesome piece of kit, looks stunning in Savanah Yellow, certainly getting my business noticed.

  • August 16 2016

    Having had an older Navara, the new one has a lot to live up to, but so far it seems great.

  • August 16 2016

    Fantastic. The prefect new vehicle for us.

  • August 16 2016

    Great vehicle, should be a good work horse.

  • August 16 2016

    I have only had my Nissan NP300 for just over one week, and as yet I have not had the opportunity to take it off road so can only comment on road use. The vehicle is already giving me more mpg than I though would be possible in such a large vehicle, and cruises effortlessly on the motorway. The 360 cameras are extremely useful in town parking situations. The long reach on the manual gear shift is unfortunately a bit of a minus point, as is the lack of automatic wipers and an outside temperature reading. I did inspect the vehicle fully at your workshop when I collected it but unfortunately I only noticed on Saturday (when I washed it for the first time) a small crack in the canopy boot lid. Overall I'm very pleased with the vehicle, and look forward to the coming months when I will be able to put it through more rigorous conditions.

  • June 29 2016

    So far so good, too early to give a full review.

  • June 22 2016

    Best pick up money can by. Gear box could be improved slightly.

  • June 21 2016

    Fantastic, practical, good looking, economical, robust vehicle. Absolutely love this vehicle.

  • June 07 2016

    I had no problem with my old Navara but this new model is a different class.

  • June 07 2016

    Had the car for week, have done quite a few miles already and found it very comfortable and easy to drive despite its' size. It handles well for a pick up truck and is nice and modern inside.

  • June 07 2016

    My husband and I are over the moon with the truck in every area👍😃.

  • May 23 2016

    Loved the old style Navara but the NP300 is fantastic, 100% better than the old Navara model.

  • May 06 2016

    This is the ideal vehicle for the purpose that we require it for.

  • April 22 2016

    It's very comfortable, just what I was expecting but a more modified design. I'm impressed with it and lot of my customers very impressed too and wanted to know where to get one. I must have told at least 20 people already!

  • April 22 2016

    Its a nice pickup.

  • April 15 2016


  • April 08 2016

    Very good.

  • April 07 2016

    Very surprised on how comfortable it was.

  • April 01 2016

    Hard to say only had it a week, but good so far.

  • March 01 2016

    Very good truck but should come with mats, liner, and tow bar at least, should not be extra's.

  • January 28 2016

    Great vehicle. Does what we want it to do and more. Superb build quality. So far, very pleased.

  • Sebastian Spychala Nissan Navara Diesel
    November 16 2015

    cabin space is too small if you 195 cm tall -not a comfortable driving position!!!

  • BRIAN ANTONY MOORE Nissan Navara Diesel
    November 16 2015

    Excellent. Annoyed the dealer couldn't be bothered to supply rubber mats?!

  • Gary Isherwood Nissan Navara Diesel
    October 19 2015

    Its my third Navara and it's just a brilliant all round performer. I wish I had known sooner about the facelift that is forthcoming though, I might have waited.

  • Giles Cunningham Nissan Navara Diesel
    October 19 2015

    Great but disappointed on its fuel consumption of 26mpg. Was expecting 30.

  • September 24 2015

    Everything is fine but maybe the practicality of it for my useage may be questionable. My fault

  • Peter Robinson Nissan Navara Diesel
    August 24 2015

    Only had 1 week so difficult to review, but the pickup seems very good and fit for its purpose. The fuel consumption does surprise me as I'm getting 40+mpg on the 22miles over the moors, back and forward to work. 36mpg on motorways at 70mph.

  • August 03 2015

    It's great, almost too nice to use for the work it's required to do.

  • August 03 2015

    Everything we needed.

  • James J Bennett Nissan Navara Diesel
    August 03 2015

    Nice to drive, adequate for my personal need, but fuel economy is similar to a Formula 1 car.

  • July 31 2015

    Very good all round truck!

  • July 31 2015

    Nice to drive, very comfortable, looks goods, does the job I need it to.

  • July 23 2015

    Love this Navara, everything about it is better than I had hoped for. Fuel economy is not as good as an Amarok but £100 a month cheaper for the hire more than makes up for that! Great spec, Leather, Auto, Climate, Rear Camera, the list goes on and is better equipped than my BMW.

  • Graeme Harrold Nissan Navara Diesel
    July 10 2015

    Having owned Navaras in the past, I liked the ability to fold the rear seats out of the way, providing additional floor space. Still too early to comment on reliability, but happy on handling and features.

  • Alexander Bridgeman Nissan Navara Diesel
    July 08 2015

    Exceeded my expectations. Very happy.

  • June 22 2015

    Can't really comment on reliability as I've only had the truck 2 weeks, but so far very pleased.

  • Bradley Gerrard Nissan Navara Diesel
    May 11 2015

    Excellent performance, great truck. The V6 is miles ahead of the 2.5. Test drive both before making a decision.

  • March 24 2015

    Only had the vehicle a day, but it's exactly what I expected.

  • March 18 2015

    Well equipped for a pickup. Engine a bit gruff, but it will do the job.

  • March 16 2015


  • February 25 2015

    I am totally happy with my choice and service so far, but have only had the vehicle for 3 days so do not expect any problems yet!!

  • January 05 2015

    Overall, pretty happy with the truck. It's a little "plasticy" but considering the price, its good value. It has some great little features like the music box, heated seats, speed limiter as well as the cruise control. Nice high seating position, which makes it feel very safe on the road.

  • December 24 2014

    Looks like a truck, drives like a truck! Can't yet comment on reliability. Overall very pleased.

  • December 15 2014

    It's early days, as I have only had the vehicle a couple of days, but so far I am very impressed with it.

  • October 13 2014

    Comfortable to drive, great torque combined with the auto box. Good quality interior with the Connect pack being a great addition for the reversing camera and music box system. No complaints at all so far.

  • Scott Reynolds Nissan Navara Diesel
    October 13 2014

    A good quality vehicle with great benefits to make driving a pleasure

  • Danny Macmillan Nissan Navara Diesel
    September 11 2014


  • August 20 2014

    Really comfortable drive. LOVE the parking camera - thought it sounded a bit unnecessary initially having parked without one for 30 years - but now I've got it - it's BRILLIANT! Also love all the compartments for storing receipts, water bottles, tape measures and other necessary work objects. All in all, a great buy for a landscaper with a family.

  • August 20 2014

    Lovely vehicle to such a high spec, would recommend to anybody! Driving to work in style and comfort, will double up as a great family car as well.

  • August 20 2014

    This is my second of these. Well specified and more value-for-money than many others. Some minor issues with first pickup and local dealers not ideal.

  • August 20 2014

    Having just had the Navara for four days it is hard to comment on performance, however first impressions are very good and the level of controls is excellent. It is so quiet in the cab you do not realise the speed you are doing. I had no problem setting up Bluetooth with my phone and the reception is excellent, also the navigation system is very easy to program and use. The reverse camera is very clear, however sensors would be a good addition. Overall I think I have made the correct choice going for this model.

  • August 18 2014

    So far loving it. Many thanks.

  • August 18 2014

    Really happy with the vehicle.

  • Michael Mcguire Nissan Navara Diesel
    August 18 2014

    Lovely to drive, nice place to be, really pleased so far.

  • Jaymie Bartlett Nissan Navara Diesel
    August 05 2014


  • July 25 2014

    Great looking truck. Great drive and great spec.

  • Gareth Boxhall Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 26 2014

    What a superb truck, the equipment levels are phenomenal, things that i would only expect in a top of the range luxury car, it handles brilliantly, bags of torque, with lots of thought gone into making it a user friendly work horse, Build quality and looks first class. Very satisfied.

  • May 16 2014

    Very nice. It has a car like drive and handles all that we can throw at it :-)

  • May 14 2014


  • April 03 2014

    My 2nd Navara from Pickup Trucks Direct and I had no hesitation in ordering this one after the first one was so impressive on all aspects. Performance, reliability, creature comforts and quite economical to run. A great pick up truck.

  • Brian Ferguson Nissan Navara Diesel
    April 03 2014

    A practical value for money vehicle

  • April 02 2014

    brilliant drives well handles well looks the nuts

  • March 18 2014

    I love the truck. It's big and comfortable and has all the features I could have wanted. I'm so glad I got the option with the parking camera though. It's a beast to park!

  • March 18 2014

    Very difficult to comment on most things so far, but after a 200 mile journey today I was pleased with the Navara. I have always run Land Rover Discovery in the past, and this Nissan follows 6 Discoveries, so things are bound to be a bit different. Leaf springs obviously give a firm ride over bumpy roads, but it isnt uncomfortable. Low down power and torque is unbelievable. On my 60 mile commute yesterday the Navara averaged 30.8mpg, where the Discovery 3 TDV6 would have done around 27mpg. So far I am pleased with it.

  • March 14 2014

    Great truck (again). This is now my third !

  • March 05 2014

    I have already owned the Navara before so I knew I would be pleased with it. The only things I would say is that I was disappointed Nissan have only got one electric seat in the front ( Drivers ) my 55 plate had both. Plus a minor downside is the arm rest storage. My old one had two trays this is just the one box. Both very minor but a backward step by Nissan I think .

  • Marina Kempton Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 25 2014

    Love it, being an ex Mitsubishi shogun owner making the switch to a Navara was not easy but I love driving it. Fantastic pick up, surprisingly good on fuel!

  • January 30 2014

    I have owned Nissan Navara for the last five years and am happy with the new model.

  • January 30 2014

    The Navara is very good, having had a 11 plate before this is very much as good. Very comfortable and quite with all the toys.

  • January 30 2014


  • January 30 2014

    It's a very nice pickup more like a car than van.

  • January 30 2014

    Lovely motor, good MPG for the vehicle it is

  • January 30 2014

    I have had one of these before and find them to be ideal for my use, good for work and pleasure.

  • December 18 2013

    very good

  • December 17 2013

    very good

  • December 13 2013

    Good vehicle , good value for money , mpg not great but really practical .

  • December 06 2013

    Very nice in and out side

  • December 04 2013

    Its the first Navara I have had and it is everything and more than I wanted.

  • December 04 2013

    Very happy with the vehicle, it looks great and I'm enjoying driving it.

  • Stephen Gregory Nissan Navara Diesel
    November 12 2013

    Can't believe how good a deal this is

  • November 12 2013

    I am pleased with the vehicle. It is just right for my company.

  • David Thompson Nissan Navara Diesel
    October 31 2013

    It's my second Nissan truck and I'm very pleased with new one

  • Stuart Speechley Nissan Navara Diesel
    October 24 2013

    Really impressed with the standard of equipment and comfort. Drives really well and with the added roll bars looks the part! A great pick up, hard to beat!

  • October 11 2013


  • October 08 2013


  • October 04 2013


  • October 04 2013

    the best one on the market at the moment

  • September 24 2013

    Excellent Truck - first Navara. Fuel was better than I thought (31.6 mpg on a run) - very easy to drive would recommend

  • September 24 2013

    This is my 4th Navara and 2nd from Pickuptruckdirect-overall very happy.

  • Stephen Erlebach Nissan Navara Diesel
    August 16 2013

    Perfect for what I need it for, something to carry all my building stuff, and look professional at the same time.

  • August 08 2013

    Does what it says it does, were happy

  • Alexandre Stewart Nissan Navara Diesel
    July 24 2013

    Too early to say proerly but if its as good as my previous Nissans it will be fine. The new HD Sat nav system is awesome.

  • William Lindsay Nissan Navara Diesel
    July 23 2013

    very good truck.No problems yet (10,400 miles)

  • July 03 2013

    excellent service

  • July 03 2013

    Love my navara, it's my 3rd and all have been great.

  • June 18 2013

    disappointed ! We went for the same truck as we had and unfortunately this year there was no sunroof no electric seat adjustment for the passenger which were all as standard before and now you have to pay extra. We will not be choosing Nissan next time.

  • James Costello Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 18 2013

    The truck is perfect for the job. It's large load bed means we can easily carry large loads, and the cab is luxurious with refinements often found in top speck cars. The ride height and vision is great and the reversing camera makes parking a doddle! And then there's the extras - tow bar, canopy and load liner are quality parts and well fitted.

  • Jackie Stewart Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 18 2013

    This is my second Navara so I'm more than happy with it, reversing camera is a great addition and the sooner they put them on vans as standard the better, great vehicle.

  • June 14 2013

    Its comfortable, practical, easy to use and the amount of fuel used is totally dependent on how you drive it. Only downside is the noise at high speed, but its a pick up!

  • Paul Kitchener Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 12 2013

    Having not owned a Navara before, and being a bit of a 'die-hard' Ford owner I am very pleased with the overall quality, feel, reliabilty and performance of the Navara. Having a few 'whistles and bells' in the form of reversing cameras, media package etc just makes it even more refined. All that said, the Navara is a fantastic work vehicle doing everything asked of it.

  • June 12 2013

    Superb pick up, V6 is a joy. Fuel economy better than my previous D40 auto.

  • June 11 2013

    Its my third one now .... Great trucks, hence why I keep coming back

  • June 11 2013

    We really like the Nissan Navara. Great value for money with the high specification as standard. A real good work horse.

  • June 11 2013

    4th Nissan I've had and will more than likely have another.

  • June 11 2013

    It's a Nissan! My third Navara so I knew what to expect.

  • June 11 2013


  • June 06 2013

    The nissan navara is the best pickup i have ever driven, i will probably have another one after this one goes back.

  • June 06 2013

    Very impressed and will definitely stick with Nissan trucks in the future

  • May 22 2013

    Having never owned a pickup before, overall extremely pleased with the vehicle.

  • May 22 2013

    I love it

  • May 22 2013

    The Navara is probably the best vehicle I could wish for, it suits my business and personal needs perfectly. I have enjoyed having one for 3 years and I am sure that I will enjoy my new one for another 3 years.

  • April 24 2013

    Second Navara, Very Happy so came back for another one

  • April 10 2013

    Super vehicle cant fault it.

  • April 10 2013

    The ride is a little hard but can be expected as it is a work truck made for heavy loads everything else is great could do to have central locking on the tail gate very reliable and all the kit included you would pay extra for on many other cars / trucks. Would buy another any day of the week

  • April 03 2013

    All very good

  • March 27 2013

    Our truck does our job well. We have the King Cab and the two doors that open behind the main doors are a godsend. It gives us good access to the cab area free of a central pillar with good loading space for our gear. Many people comment on this when we are out and about. Its biggest fault are its tyres. This winter has found them wanting in the snow. On many occasions we have sat and spun with no grip as the road tyres just sit on the surface and spin. Next winter we will have to invest in off road tyres for the winter.

  • March 22 2013

    This is the second Nissan Navara I have leased and cannot fault them.

  • Charles Leftwich Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 22 2013


  • Todd MacDonald Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 20 2013

    The Nissan Navara i have has all the extras, only problem i have had is with a small leak from somewhere around the sunroof ,this an issue that is causing problems, but the problems are with my local Nissan dealer nothing to do with pickuptrucksdirect.

  • March 20 2013


  • March 20 2013

    The Navara has been great

  • March 20 2013

    Great truck, no complaints what so ever.

  • Alastair Brooks Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 20 2013

    I have had a failure on the EGR valve but it was replaced under warranty by the local dealer. Despite both long and short journeys and very little towing I only seem to be getting about 24 miles to the gallon which is quite a long way short of the manufacturers stated figures.

  • March 20 2013

    Tool for a job but quite pleasing to use.

  • March 13 2013

    I have owned a Navara since 2007 so i new what to expect with new one Dash board updated - very nice truck

  • Jonathan Perry Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 07 2013

    I knew what I wanted. I had the Navara Avetura previously but really wanted the 7 speed auto V6. It's expensive for a posh builders truck, but the level of equipment and engine improvement over the 2.5 is worth it.

  • February 14 2013

    Surpassed expectations of quality and comfort.

  • February 13 2013

    Its the third one I have had and the best so I am very pleased

  • February 13 2013

    Pleased with the vehicle good fuel figures for a big truck.

  • Jonathan Stapleton Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 06 2013

    Excellent, very pleased.

  • January 16 2013

    Does everything I need it to do. Ideal.

  • January 16 2013

    Great Truck

  • January 02 2013

    The Narava is an excellent choice as an all-rounder. The load bay and cover I ordered works perfectly with the loads i need to carry (and keep dry) and the double cab together with the Connect features keeps all my guys happy when we are all on the road together to a delivery or event.

  • October 17 2012

    its the second one of this model i have had, the new updated spec is a joy to use with the touch screen Nav outstanding. My new Navara Auto is a bit thirsty compared to the manual version, im hoping this will get better with a few more miles under its belt.

  • August 22 2012

    GREAT ! exactly what i wanted

  • MATTHEW ROSSOR Nissan Navara Diesel
    August 08 2012

    Good work horse, plenty of power and good acceleration.

  • July 26 2012

    The truck meets all my expectations and more.

  • June 28 2012

    Can't comment on the reliability yet as i've only had it a day. So far It has surpassed expectations in so much of its driveability and comfort. Best pick up on the road at the moment I would say.

  • May 31 2012


  • May 17 2012

    First Nissan Navara I have had & I've got to say I'm impressed - it's great for work and play and is surprisingly cheap to run

  • May 16 2012

    significant improvement on my 7 year old one!!

  • May 04 2012

    This truck does what it says on the tin !!great specs for both commercial and domestic use - could not ask for more.

  • Roger Deaville Nissan Navara Diesel
    May 02 2012

    I have a pick up because I can only add commercial vehicles to my company insurance policy. Good all round workhorse, performance is better than my 2007 model. Not the best vehicle to cover large distances though as the seats aren't that comfy (very hard!). Hopefully the fuel figures should be better than the old model, but its too early to tell yet.

  • Mark Mclaughlin Nissan Navara Diesel
    April 26 2012

    Glad I came across the site - pleased with every aspect of the truck.

  • April 26 2012

    so far so good - only had 3 days!!

  • April 26 2012


  • April 26 2012

    very good

  • April 26 2012

    the Nissan is very good generally, a few small things let it down but I am being fussy. Almost too good to be a truck.

  • April 18 2012

    Having returned the previous generation of Navara recently, this newer model has a vastly supreior engine, which delivers more power and better fuel economy. The interior refinement in the Techna spec is akin to a well equiped 4x4, and the versatility of these vehicles speaks for itself.

  • David Mcmurran Nissan Navara Diesel
    April 18 2012

    It is a bit too early for me to rate my new Nivara so my scores reflect this. I did a lot of research prior to my selection and owned a Mitsubishi L200 and my early thoughts are that the Nivara is a more superior vehicle.

  • Gerrard Finlayson Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 21 2012

    Can't mark reliability accurately as just started lease! But the Pickup is exceeding expectations after 24 hours of using it!

  • Nathan Sanderson Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 21 2012

    I've only had it for one day so impressions may change. Initially though it seems to tick all the right boxes for what I need.

  • March 09 2012

    So far i am very impressed with My Nissan Navara Tekna

  • Michael Warren Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 09 2012

    Great vehicle for work & play.

  • March 09 2012

    3rd one so I suppose that says it all - 2nd Auto but wish they could do something more with economy !!

  • Garry Stratford Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 09 2012

    Very pleased, much better than I thought

  • Simon Le Marquand Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 24 2012

    Good vehicle but I don’t put it through its paces as it is bit of a boyhood dream from my days in the USA where pickups are common everyday transport, like the practicality and the overall appearance. I managed to find reasonable insurance given my use but most companies did not want to insure other than a commercial working Vehicle at a very high price. Consumption is not bad at 34.5 over the last 17k on mixed roads but not the race track

  • February 24 2012

    It has been great, very practical for work and leisure!! Plus a good looking motor

  • February 24 2012

    Love it...fully top of the range, like being in a car !!

  • February 10 2012

    have had same model before but this is a lot better and cheaper!

  • January 18 2012

    A great truck , only just got it but first impressions are very good , the equipment was much better than I expected.

  • January 18 2012


  • December 23 2011

    I love my pick-up to bits I have been waiting ages for the right time to get this pick-up and it puts a smile on my face every day.

  • December 23 2011

    Great vehicle it will do exactly what I want it to.

  • December 23 2011

    I love my Nissan Navara, the only disappointment is that it doesn't have DAB digital radio, you would think that after paying £2000 for the extras pack that it would have it especially as most new cars have them as standard these days. The other thing is that I ran it out of diesel the other day even though it said I had 40 miles left in the tank. I can use it as my work van and family car which means I no longer have the need for two vehicles so saves me money in that way as running costs are quite high. All in all I think it is a great truck and would recommend it and Autorama to anyone I know.

  • December 23 2011

    I obviously like them as it's my second Navara.

  • Andrew Whittle Nissan Navara Diesel
    November 30 2011

    Great truck, more economical than I thought it would be. Very nice to drive. Thanks very much.

  • November 17 2011

    Only had it one day but couldn't be happier with it at the moment.

  • November 16 2011

    It's very comfortable, practical and comes fully loaded.

  • November 02 2011

    Great truck, as the last one a bit thirsty but given the price and spec against other manufacturers, it knocks spots off them. Very happy, again!

  • November 02 2011

    A lot better than my old truck L200

  • October 19 2011

    does what it says on the tin

  • Simon Dickason Nissan Navara Diesel
    October 11 2011

    Only had it a couple of days but first impressions are good, better than I was expecting to be honest.

  • October 04 2011

    I was really pleased with the truck, I have been wanting one for a while and it's been all I expected it to be and more

  • Andrew Thompson Nissan Navara Diesel
    September 16 2011


  • September 15 2011


  • August 25 2011

    I am very please with the truck and accessories supplied. The truck is very comfaortable and pleasant to drive in all conditions!

  • August 23 2011

    I initialy wanted a Hilux, but the delivery time scale was too long, so i chose the Navara Acenta. It exceeded my expectations. It pulls my 1000 litre fuel bowser much better than a Ford ranger and Hilux. I only had the truck a couple of weeks, so cant score reliability.

  • August 23 2011

    A little early to say at present. However, thus far the above star ratings apply and we have no reason to doubt that the vehicle will continue to provide satisfaction in the future.

  • John Biddlecombe Nissan Navara Diesel
    August 16 2011

    Good solid looking motor plenty of extras, good storage places, will have to get use to the sixth gear overall well pleased

  • August 09 2011

    ideal for my type of work, setting up of large air conditioning systems, can take equipment and personal required with ease and in comfort

  • Kieran Connole Nissan Navara Diesel
    August 09 2011

    Very happy with the truck, the whole process went swimmingly.

  • Kevin Sullivan Nissan Navara Diesel
    July 26 2011

    Exceeded my expectations

  • July 22 2011

    Very pleased with the truck, early days to review on reliability, but overall actually better than expected. (ride, fuel economy, build quality etc.)

  • July 20 2011

    the product is what makes a business, i love it big comfy drive.

  • July 19 2011

    Early days yet, but impressed by levels of comfort and build quality

  • July 14 2011

    Suprisingly good considering I'm coming to a truck from top of range Audi.

  • July 05 2011

    Very good

  • July 05 2011


  • Darrin Brookes Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 17 2011

    love the truck , does everything i expected from it and more.

  • June 08 2011

    Excellent truck and lovely to drive

  • June 08 2011

    Drives like a luxury car with everything i need for work.

  • Keith Jeffries Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 08 2011

    Very happy indeed, thank you very much for a excellent service.

  • June 08 2011


  • Neil Furminger Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 08 2011

    I love these trucks, would have to pretty special to tempt me away.

  • Gavin Esslemont Nissan Navara Diesel
    May 17 2011


  • Keiran O'Donnell Nissan Navara Diesel
    May 04 2011


  • Grzegorz Tomasik Nissan Navara Diesel
    April 20 2011

    Doing the job I wanted to and a lot more, very happy so far.

  • Timothy Vincent Nissan Navara Diesel
    April 19 2011

    Having had a Navara before for a short time, this Tekna Connect model does seem better. A bit quicker but giving better MPG (when driven with an easy right foot!) media centre with Nav and bluetooth is great!

  • Steve Chappell Nissan Navara Diesel
    April 19 2011

    Had a platinum Navara before which was great so now have the Tekna which has all the toys and is again a great truck - shame fuel costs are so high, but hey ho

  • April 19 2011

    Very happy

  • April 19 2011


  • April 12 2011

    The truck is great

  • April 12 2011


  • Denise Metcalfe Nissan Navara Diesel
    April 05 2011

    It is what you expect of a Pick up truck, the comfort levels are good and so is the spec of the models we got.

  • David Macdonald Nissan Navara Diesel
    April 05 2011

    Drives very well and would recomend to others

  • April 04 2011

    very impressed with my vehicle, another happy customer.

  • April 04 2011

    Overall the truck is as expected. However I am disappointed with the noisiness and general lack of refinement of the engine compared to the other similar trucks that I considered.

  • April 04 2011

    I have only had it 2 days but love it.

  • March 30 2011

    Having previously leased a Nissan Navara 3 years ago I find them to be very reliable.

  • Martin Henderson Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 29 2011

    Probably the best equipped pick up on the market

  • March 25 2011

    Only had it for 24hrs and I'm very impressed.

  • March 22 2011


  • March 22 2011

    Better than i expected.

  • March 22 2011

    the vehicle is great - perfect for work and pleasure

  • Lawrence Reintjes Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 11 2011

    Automatic Navarra ,a joy to drive !

  • Graham Bostock Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 10 2011

    Having owned the same make of truck for the last 3+ years this facelift model has been improved with just enough upgrades without altering the basis of a good truck.

  • Antony Zembashis Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 04 2011

    Immense! Touch Screen Sat Nav and 190 BHP has nailed this truck as the leader for other to follow

  • Jonathan Yates Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 25 2011


  • February 23 2011

    The new Nissan Navara truck is a superb vehicle. I have had 3 now and cannot fault them apart from a heated front screen.

  • February 16 2011

    We are very pleased with the pick up. We cannot fault it.

  • February 15 2011

    Early days yet, but the Navara King Cab seems excellent, very comfortable, plenty of power, fairly poor turning circle but not really a problem. Great truck.

  • Frank Templeton Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 09 2011


  • February 09 2011

    folding mirrors are fantastic, excellent rear camera

  • Raymond Allison Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 09 2011

    My new Navara is even better than I expected. Well built & very comfy inside. Glad I waited that little bit longer for the best Pickup on the market!

  • Patrick Beirne Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 09 2011

    Not a Rolls Royce but fine

  • February 09 2011

    I have owned several D/Cab Pickups ...Toyota,Mitsubishi,Nissan,Ford and even though my D22 Nissan Blew the engine I have gone back to the Navara because id enjoyed owning the previous truck so much more than the other makes.

  • February 04 2011

    The V6 Navara provides luxury with practicality. It was leased to replace a Discovery 3 and has a very similar feel to it. Very pleased so far - only day 2 of ownership though.

  • February 03 2011

    Amazing!! Just what I wanted and more, comfort and quality of a top of the range car and practicality of a pick up. What more could a girl want!!

  • February 03 2011

    top notch

  • David. K Hughes Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 01 2011

    The Nissan Navara is a fantastic vehicle and is definitely the best of the pick up bunch. The refinements and quality of the new facelift model are really impressive, new slate colour much nicer than the storm grey. Really enjoying the driving experience and it looks great.

  • January 27 2011

    Great so far, but only had it a day! I'm sure it will be fine, it looks great anyway!!

  • January 20 2011

    had one before - some things better as vehicle is updated model

  • January 12 2011

    As expected....

  • January 12 2011

    My Truck does everything I need it to do, but could do with doing more miles to the gallon

  • December 10 2010

    Early days , but a great vehicle so far .

  • November 26 2010

    I am very happy with it.

  • November 23 2010

    I like it

  • Angela Simpson Nissan Navara Diesel
    November 23 2010

    I love it!

  • November 23 2010

    I love the vehicle.

  • Michael Godfrey Nissan Navara Diesel
    November 23 2010

    I am very happy with it.

  • November 23 2010

    No comments.

  • November 23 2010

    I think if the vehicle came with a load liner as standard it would help.

  • November 23 2010

    Better than I was expecting

  • Jonathan Elwell Nissan Navara Diesel
    November 23 2010

    second vehicle which says it all, fulfills all requirements

  • Louise Harkiss Nissan Navara Diesel
    November 09 2010

    very good

  • Robert Skinner Nissan Navara Diesel
    November 09 2010

    I am very happy with the vehicle.

  • November 03 2010

    I am happy with it.

  • October 25 2010

    It's ideal for what I need. Lovely vehicle.

  • October 25 2010

    I am very happy with my vehicle.

  • October 25 2010

    I am very happy with it, more comfortable than what I thought. The turning circle could be improved but it's a nice looking car. Overall I'm happy with it.

  • Bruce Richmond Nissan Navara Diesel
    October 25 2010

    I am really happy with it.

  • October 19 2010

    Great all rounder! lovely spec and reasonable MPG.

  • October 19 2010

    It's lovely and it is what I expected.

  • October 08 2010

    I am happy with it, quite expensive to run.

  • October 08 2010

    I am not getting as many miles to the gallon as expected, it is approximately 25 miles to the gallon instead of the expected 30.

  • October 08 2010

    The reversing lights are very dim and you can hardly see them, other than this it is fine.

  • October 06 2010


  • October 05 2010

    I am really pleased with it.

  • Mathew Granger Nissan Navara Diesel
    October 05 2010

    It is very comfortable feels like a car.

  • October 05 2010

    good truck, battle with the steering wheel sometimes due to the fact it seems to need turning twice as much round a corner than my old van? The nissan is 10 times better than the mitsi one i had a few years ago, no complaints so far.

  • Hadrian Thorne Nissan Navara Diesel
    September 21 2010

    Very happy with the Nissan.

  • Malcolm Whitehead Nissan Navara Diesel
    September 17 2010

    It has not let me down - so far I am very impressed.

  • September 16 2010

    I am really happy with my new truck.

  • Mark Tomlinson Nissan Navara Diesel
    September 16 2010

    It does just what I wanted I am very pleased with it.

  • David Bradbury Nissan Navara Diesel
    September 16 2010

    It is perfect for me I have a family and a dog, it is comfortable and reliable. I'm over the moon with it!

  • September 16 2010


  • September 15 2010

    It is what I expected, nice vehicle.

  • September 15 2010

    It was just what I was after.

  • Connie Metcalfe Nissan Navara Diesel
    September 15 2010


  • September 15 2010

    No comments.

  • September 15 2010

    I am really happy with it.

  • Steven Thompson Nissan Navara Diesel
    September 15 2010

    It was what I wanted I am happy with it.

  • September 10 2010

    I am very happy with the truck.

  • September 03 2010

    I am happy with it.

  • August 24 2010

    I am very happy with this vehicle.

  • August 20 2010

    I love it! I am still more impressed than I thought I would be.

  • Andrew Beamond Nissan Navara Diesel
    August 20 2010

    Its better than what I expected. A good vehicle.

  • August 19 2010

    It is a good vehicle, I am very happy with it.

  • August 19 2010

    I am very happy with it, it is exactly what I wanted.

  • Andrew Grisdale Nissan Navara Diesel
    August 17 2010

    It is entirely what I expected I am very happy with it.

  • August 16 2010

    Very pleased with the vehicle and I feel it is better quality than the previous model. It is very reliable, very impressed.

  • August 15 2010

    This is my second Nissan Navara on the trot & they just get better. All my ratings would be 5 star but you must remember this is a large 4x4 pickup & not a car also the running costs in all other ways are 5 star except mpg not the best but ok [190bhp = 30mpg]this is the Navaras only small chink in its armour But mpg aside is King of 4x4 pickups

  • August 11 2010

    I am very impressed with the luxurious interior, the satellite navigation system and the telephone system inside. Excellent vehicle.

  • Ian Hutchinson Nissan Navara Diesel
    July 29 2010

    Great buy does everything required and more - great pick up

  • July 27 2010

    It is a fantastic truck and is better than what I expected.

  • Ashley Russell Nissan Navara Diesel
    July 27 2010

    Plenty of room inside the cab loads of gadgets a bit too good for work and a great finish - a good buy? only time will tell.

  • July 27 2010

    The Navara Tekna is the best in a very competitive market.

  • Neville Chamberlain Nissan Navara Diesel
    July 27 2010

    Better than what i expected.

  • Peter Williamson Nissan Navara Diesel
    July 27 2010

    I love my new vehicle it is the best thing since sliced bread!

  • July 23 2010

    It is the best of the both worlds - as comfortable as a car and as practical as a van. I love it.

  • July 23 2010

    Very very pleased with it, very smart vehicle. Lots of positive comments from friends and family.

  • Simon Alderton Nissan Navara Diesel
    July 19 2010

    It is the best vehicle I have ever driven.

  • July 15 2010

    It is ideal for what we want, we are very happy with it. It is hard to score the reliability as it is a brand new vehicle therefore I have rated an average score for this.

  • July 15 2010

    I am very happy with the vehicle.

  • Martin Englefield Nissan Navara Diesel
    July 15 2010

    I purchased the vehicle for someone else but they are very happy with it.

  • July 15 2010

    Good robust vehicle, with lots of extras. Easy to drive vehicle with good space for goods.

  • July 14 2010

    As good as expected. I will just have to live with the economy!!

  • July 13 2010

    Very nice truck.

  • David Robertson Nissan Navara Diesel
    July 13 2010

    The Nissan Navara is a bit larger than I thought but I am quite satisfied with it.

  • July 13 2010

    Great truck and just what is needed within the construction industry

  • Antony Pettitt Nissan Navara Diesel
    July 13 2010

    It is a very nice vehicle that meets all our needs.

  • July 09 2010

    very versatile

  • Russell Branigan Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 30 2010

    The vehicle exceeded my expectations, I am very happy with it.

  • Jonathan Frost Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 30 2010

    I am very pleased with my Nissan Navara.

  • June 30 2010

    A good all round truck.

  • June 29 2010

    I personally prefer the Navara, as it has more power.

  • Steve Brampton Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 29 2010

    Can't fault the truck at all.

  • June 29 2010

    Up to now the truck is very good and a huge improvement on the previous model .

  • June 29 2010

    Great, fantastic truck, does everything I want it to do.

  • June 29 2010

    Excellent value.

  • June 29 2010

    Too thirsty, too big and the seats are uncomfortable, they are more like benches.

  • June 29 2010

    The only thing missing from the truck is an Ipod connection.

  • June 29 2010

    There is a slight vibration from behind the dashboard which needs to be fixed under warranty, but otherwise I am very happy with the Navara and at the moment - due to its practicality and performance - would not consider any other pick up.

  • June 29 2010

    Early days so far, but first impressions are good. Excellent cabin, all the luxuries other cars aspire to.

  • June 29 2010

    A good piece of kit, although heavier on juice than I thought it would be.

  • June 29 2010

    Definately, the pick of the bunch....

  • June 25 2010

    Good truck, no problems.

  • June 23 2010

    I really like this vehicle, the equipment level is very good but I think it should have reversing sensors as standard and possibly on the front too as it is such a big vehicle.

  • Robert Hartwell Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 23 2010

    Great value for money

  • Michael Callahan Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 23 2010

    Great to have all the gizmo's, I'll just have to find the time to understand them properly. To achieve the items I required, you pretty well have to have every option, which is probably a bit excessive as I do use the vehicle for its intended purpose (for many users it is an SUV). Nice to have - but in some ways too nice for work use, I will enjoy it regardless.

  • June 23 2010


  • June 22 2010

    I love the truck.

  • Frederic Feret-Fillon Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 22 2010

    It does exactly what you expect for a truck.

  • frederick hall Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 22 2010

    Good practical truck.

  • June 22 2010

    Good all weather vehicle.

  • Claire Christian Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 22 2010

    Good truck, very happy.

  • Alisdair Macdonald Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 22 2010

    It has a high fuel consumption.

  • Jennifer Walker Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 22 2010

    Impressed - drives more like a car than a pickup

  • June 17 2010

    Very early days yet so hard to comment. Generally a very nice motor.

  • June 17 2010

    Excellent, no nasty surprises. Averaging 33mpg which I think is great for such a big lump of a pickup.

  • June 17 2010

    I used to own the same truck 3 years ago, new interior and a bit quicker pickup.

  • Stephen Gregory Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 16 2010

    The truck is everything I expected it to be.

  • June 16 2010

    I feel this is the best truck around at the moment.

  • June 16 2010

    Great truck

  • June 16 2010

    The director who drives the truck has been happy with it.

  • June 16 2010

    Heavy on fuel and the black does scratch easy. However good truck, does what it says on the tin.

  • June 16 2010

    Fantastic truck, highly recommended.

  • June 15 2010


  • Greg Suszczenia Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 15 2010


  • June 15 2010


  • June 14 2010

    Good sturdy all round vehicle.

  • June 14 2010

    Fantastic vehicle.

  • June 14 2010


  • June 14 2010


  • June 14 2010


  • June 10 2010

    Good truck, useful for the business.

  • June 10 2010

    I find it a good all round vehicle, which has exceeded my expectation.

  • Russell Bromwich Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 10 2010

    Good practical truck.

  • June 10 2010

    Before deciding on this vehicle I had done some research and this is perfect for me.

  • June 09 2010

    Useful truck with all the comforts of a car.

  • June 09 2010

    It's a good truck, very practical.

  • June 09 2010

    The vehicle is driven by my partner - he is very pleased with it.

  • James Sweetman Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 09 2010

    The truck suits my needs perfectly.

  • June 09 2010

    I am very happy with the truck as it has all the features I require.

  • Jonathan Leason Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 09 2010

    The Nissan Navara does the job I wanted it to do and is suitable.

  • June 09 2010

    It is a perfectly good truck, which does it's job.

  • June 09 2010

    Compared to other pick ups, I feel it is the best around.

  • June 09 2010

    The truck does it's job well, but the insurance is higher than I expected it to be.

  • June 08 2010

    The Navara is a very well built truck.

  • June 08 2010

    I am currently very happy with the Navara and feel it is an improvement on the old model.

  • June 08 2010

    I am very happy with the truck and feel it is brilliant.

  • June 08 2010

    It is a very versatile vehicle, but do feel it is heavy on fuel and the spare tyre is too easy to steal.

  • June 08 2010

    The truck is a good tool.

  • June 08 2010

    I find the Nissan Navara a useful tool, which does exactly what I need it to do.

  • Peter Woodbine Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 08 2010

    Very nice

  • June 08 2010

    Overall I am satisfied with the Navara so far, except for some vibrations on the dashboard when you accelerate which can be annoying

  • June 04 2010

    Resonably good, very practical.

  • Robert Michael Howard Nissan Navara Diesel
    June 01 2010

    Better than we had expected excellent vehicle

  • May 28 2010

    very good

  • May 27 2010

    very nice truck as its the new face lift model. but only 29.3 mpg.

  • May 27 2010

    Excellent in every way. Good standard of finish and very high spec.

  • May 27 2010

    Having never owned a pickup before i have nothing to compare it with but all seems well put together, getting 30mpg for the first 1000 miles, however with the roll top fitted there isn't as much room as i had anticiapted

  • May 26 2010


  • Anthony Wilson Nissan Navara Diesel
    May 18 2010


  • May 12 2010

    Nice and big, parking not as easy in multi stores, however great looking.

  • May 10 2010


  • May 10 2010

    Love it. Biggest problem is keeping the keys hidden from my wife.

  • April 07 2010

    Great fun to drive. Everything is excellent, other than the sat nav which is a little fiddly and without postcode support it is tricky.

  • March 31 2010

    Brilliant!..... remember it's a pick-up not a racing car or a rolls royce.

  • March 30 2010

    Very pleased

  • March 26 2010

    Good vehicle - had one before and back again for another. Had problems with 4WD sensors on the last one, but fixed under warranty - time will tell on the new one !

  • Garry Stratford Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 26 2010

    Fantastic - much better than I expected

  • March 26 2010

    Having owned a van and a car for a long while i decided to combine the two and buy an L200, after 2 years I p-ex'd it for an Aventura. This motor is 100 times better all round on performance, comfort, handling and running cost. It was exellent in the new year snow-drove from Cardiff to Birmingham via the Brecon Beacons. It never put a foot wrong. On the down side is the sat nav and hansfree-both rubbish. Also parts are expensive as they are main dealer parts. Check rear diff oil whenever serviced-very expencive if this breaks!

  • March 19 2010


  • March 18 2010

    Its great - much better than the Mitsubishi L200 Warrior

  • Joseph Spencer Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 18 2010

    Very nice

  • Trevor Skinner Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 18 2010

    Good level of equipment,a quiet drive and a very versatile vehicle

  • March 12 2010

    very pleased - vehicle well prepared too when collected- small issue with the closure of the tailgate that was attended to immediately and effectively.

  • March 08 2010

    Great I love it

  • James Holifield Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 08 2010

    second one in a row that iv bought from pickup trucks direct

  • Juris Zvaigzne Nissan Navara Diesel
    March 04 2010

    You are highly recommended!

  • February 26 2010

    I love the Navara it's my second one. Ok it's not the cheapest to run but it does everthing I need it to.

  • February 22 2010

    Excellent vehicle combines car comfort with load carrying capability. Not so good for the school run, or a quick nip down to the supermarket, as it's not so easy to park. Seems rugged and well built, and can cope with most things, bring on the snow!

  • February 17 2010

    Good all round performance

  • February 16 2010

    An all round good quality truck.

  • John O'Sullivan Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 11 2010

    Bloody marvellous - thanks John

  • David Dickenson Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 10 2010

    Very pleased with truck to date.

  • Richard Cartman Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 08 2010

    Ecellent in almost every way., could do with better fuel economy like the toyota.

  • February 05 2010

    The nissan navara is at home cruising on motorways or pulling a mini-digger across a muddy field. Its' a luxury car with workhorse performance - ideal

  • February 04 2010

    The Tekna Nav Auto is a pleasure to drive and is certainly a step up from my Ranger in terms of gadgets and gizmos and also quality. Only niggle is the slightly worse turning circle, but i knew that before i ordered one. Cabin space is better and the controls are well laid out. The sound system is impressive for a factory fitted system. Doors shut with a thud rather than a twang to further emphasize the quality. The steering is positive and precise instead of the Ranger's vague and woolly arrangment. The ride is slightly harder than the Ford around town but that is soon forgotten when on a dual carriageway or motorway. Economy seems to have settled at 26-28mpg around town and 31-33 on the motorway but i have only done 600miles!

  • February 04 2010

    The Nissan Navara kept my 3 man team work through the snow, towing heavy plant in 4WD with ease. Very pleased with a well thought out vehicle. A+++

  • February 04 2010

    Fantastic! really pleased.

  • February 03 2010

    very pleased with it

  • February 03 2010

    very good

  • February 03 2010

  • February 03 2010

    Early days yet, but so far great fun. As you would expect from nissan, solid motor well thought out.Very practical for for what i need,looking forward to plenty of miles of quality motoring.

  • February 03 2010

    best pick up truck we have had

  • February 03 2010

    Perfect for my requirements

  • February 03 2010

    so far i am pleased with the vehicle and no complaints, a little uncomfortable in the back so i am told but hey , im in the front.great usable space in the rear cab when no passengers though. i broke the rear roof bar and nissan were really slow to come back with tough luck , not under warranty and no goodwill.i guess i will take care of that myself.the sat nav could do with postal code entry too.

  • February 03 2010

    Not as good as hoped. Very spacious but a difficult and agricultural drive. Should have gone with my first opinion of an auto but overall be glad when we swap it for somthing else.

  • February 03 2010

    its great vehicle and have no issues at the moment as it is barely 3 months since i have owned it

  • February 03 2010

    Excellent work horse with car like comfort

  • Michael Tucker Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 03 2010

    Very good all round wagon

  • John Samuel Phillips Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 03 2010


  • Rachel Tickhill Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 03 2010

    This is our second Navara, which says it all really. We are really happy with it!

  • Dominic Ashburner Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 02 2010

    Its a great truck the best i have had

  • Andrew Greenaway Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 02 2010

    It is a lovely comfortable drive and i am very pleased with it. Particulary came into its own with the recent weather, and meant i was able to go to work and still earn money! The only annoying thing is the price of canopys for the back, expensive but essential.

  • February 02 2010

    It suits my needs perfectly, the comfort of a new luxury 4x4 interior yet underneath all that a true work horse!

  • David Harrison Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 02 2010

    an excellent working tool that gives the benifit of a family car. A good all round vehicle.

  • February 02 2010

    Very happy with truck. Fuel economy is awfull

  • February 02 2010

    It is fantastic (if a little thirsty) Better than I hope for. Would recomend it to anyone.

  • Cameron Simpson Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 02 2010

    Very pleased with my Pickup Truck

  • February 02 2010

    Love it. Does the job perfectly and great tax breaks!!

  • February 01 2010


  • Alex Robertson Nissan Navara Diesel
    February 01 2010

    Vey pleased with it

  • Nick Le Messurier Nissan Navara Diesel
    January 30 2010


  • January 30 2010

    i cannot coment as i havent taken delivery yet. but i am sure i would give 5 across the board

  • January 18 2010

    Must be the best value pick up on the market. Does everything we ask of it & made the difference between working & not in the bad weather. Rerards, Craig CB JOINERY

  • January 18 2010

    My Nissan not yet received. Ratings from experience of colleagues vehicle.

  • January 15 2010

    as above the truck so far is not with me, but i have had this truck before and i would not replace it with another

  • January 15 2010


  • January 15 2010

    bought one without a test drive and was not disapointed.

  • Alan Winterburn Nissan Navara Diesel
    January 14 2010

    I am very pleased with my Nissan.Allthough a little heavy on fuel( i think all 2.5 pickups are) i cannot fault it, a vast improvement on my old model D22 Nissan

  • January 14 2010

    A good tool for any business.

  • January 14 2010

  • January 14 2010

    Awesome, a proper truck!!!

  • Barrie Hamilton Nissan Navara Diesel
    January 14 2010

    It handles how a 4x4 pick up handles. I have had Mitsubishi Warriors etc and the Navara in my opinion is the best of the bunch. It could do with a bit more HP. I understand there is a 200hp upgrade chip available but this apparently invalidates the warranty!!!. The running costs for this type of vehicle are about what I expected. I was please with the tyre wear, I got 32500 miles on the first set. The 18000 mile swervice interval is a bonus. I had one niggle with the headlamp washer fuse blowing. The other niggle is the strap that pulls the load cover shut. This came adrift at the tailgate end and Nissan cannot/will not fix it, as it is not a Nissan fit. Other than that I have had no problems to date. The one good bonus was in the snow, the truck was brilliant, I helped out a number of stranded people, delivered firewood to neighbour and got loads of envious looks. Barrie Hamilton Kroy Europe Ltd

  • January 14 2010


  • Jason Stammers Nissan Navara Diesel
    January 14 2010

    Came from an Audi car so a little adjustment needed. However warming to.

  • January 14 2010


  • Steve Richardson Nissan Navara Diesel
    December 24 2009

    I love it !

  • December 22 2009

    over the moon great to drive very comfortable

  • December 18 2009

    I am very pleased with my new Navara. Since getting it in October I have done 3300 miles, I have driven it on motorways, through towns, on single track roads and over very rough terrain while getting to and from work! It is a very capable vehicle wether it is cruising at 70mph or riding over uneven, muddy, wet round. I will certainly consider getting a Navara again when my lease is due for renewal and have been recommending the pick up to friends.

  • December 18 2009

    im very happy with it.

  • December 18 2009

    Doing the job i wanted to and a bit more, very happy

  • December 18 2009

    Perfect for my business and private use.

  • December 18 2009

    very good

  • Jonathan Leason Nissan Navara Diesel
    December 18 2009

    I've never driven a pick up truck before. After test driving the Navara at length I say without any doubt, it was impressive. WHY you ask - When a vehicle can fulfil the needs of both work and family life with a high degree of quality but doesn't cost you the earth, then that can only be classed as good for all. I have driven & owned many different cars from luxury 4x4s to £500 runarounds over the years, but if I was to take the fun of the off roader and the practicality of the commercial vehicle mixed with a dash of street kudos. What do you have ? A NISSAN NAVARA (Double Cab of course). The proof of my words is in my actions. I have ordered one today.

  • Mohammad Ali Khan Nissan Navara Diesel
    December 18 2009

    Its excellent

  • Stephen Alford Nissan Navara Diesel
    December 18 2009

    comfortable ride, parking can be a problem as it is longer than a parking space, not fast acceleration but was expected, will drive over rough terrain with ease even without using 4wd, built to a good standard, only negative i found is bluetooth phone connection is poor

  • December 18 2009

    The model I have is a 2006 Navara Outlaw (Double Cab). Moving from a small hatchback (Golf TDI) to a pickup did make quite a difference. I only bought it because I got an excellent deal on it and am very happy with my purchase. Just over seven months since I've had it and it's been very good. The only disappointment, and a slight one at that, is that fuel consumption is significantly higher than my sports hatch. But that is to be expected from a 2+ tonne truck. This truck has it's own presence, and added to the fact that it's the most powerful truck in the diesel market, it is leaps and bounds better than it's rivals. I'm not just saying that because I own it, but because I used to be a skeptic of Nissan's trucks after the fiasco that befell the older D22's. But, the D40 has sorted all these issues out and has become a market leader. Any buyer will be very happy with their purchase.

  • December 16 2009

    very pleased with the Navara its self but the back cover including the spring mechanism could be better.

  • Tony Patterson Nissan Navara Diesel
    December 16 2009

    This is my third Navara and my second new shape. The current Model is much better than old one the D22 I think? It's great for work as i'm a sparks so don't need to carry a load of stuff but even when I do I can get it all in. It comes in really handy for the weekends too as I'm a football coach so I can get all the kit in the back and my boys in the front. I got a great deal on the new one from these guys (although I'm not sure why they changed the name to Tekna as it's got the same spec as the aventura) and they gave me a fair price for the old one. You could do a lot worse than speak to them.

  • December 16 2009

    It was our second one - we liked the first one so much!

  • December 16 2009

    This is my second and I am very happy with it. The only alternative I would consider next time will be the VW

  • December 16 2009

    Once you're out of 1st and into 2nd gear it drives like a normal large family car. You only realise how big (long) it is and how poor the turning circle is when you try to park it in an average supermarket car parking space. It's a bit early to comment on running costs and reliability as it's only 3 months old, but 30-31mpg isn't bad considering the size and weight of it. We'll see what needs changing or replacing (other than oil and filters) at 18,000 miles in 7-8 months time.

  • Nigel Nicholas Nissan Navara Diesel
    December 16 2009

    It's not a Merc - but then its not a Merc's price.

  • December 16 2009

    Very pleased with my Navara , although a little thirsty , this is the best vehicle i have had.

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