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Our Review

When people think of commercial vans they often refer to them as 'Transit Vans', such was Ford's dominance in the market of yesteryear. The Ford Transit Connect represents Ford's flurry into the compact van market, a market which until fairly recently it had avoided.

Ford's Transit name is one that has served the company well. Ford Transits are still a competitor in the market place, and the Ford Transit Connect carries the reliability and the ruggedness into the compact van design, and as a result, the Ford Transit Connect can hold its head among the better compact vans on the market.

The 1800cc diesel engine that lies at the heart of the Ford Transit Connect provides 90 bhp and gives an impressive torque of 220Nm at 1750rpm. This impressive power ratio enables the Ford Transit Connect to shift its impressive 902Kg payload very smartly around town, on the motorway, and from a starting position. The power at low revs contributes to a competitive miles per gallon fuel consumption, coming in at 45.6.

The drive on the Ford Transit Connect is admirable too. The steering is a good balance of weight and lightness, which makes for a van which is easily piloted around town, but at the same time it is clear there is something of substance to it. Improving the drive further, are some of the clever technologies built into the van including ABS, EBD, ESP, EBA, and Ford's Hill Start Assist. The kerb to kerb turning circle is 11.9m.

The high roof version of the Ford Transit Connect gives that little bit extra in terms of volume. The standard model provides a respectable 3.4m3, but the high roof gives 4.4m3, which enables a Euro pallet to be loaded on the back. Increasing the payload and flexibility further is the rear mesh can be folded to allow the passenger seat to be used as cargo area, and Ford have given the Ford Transit Connect a sliding side door to allow easier loading access. Dimensions wise, the load length measures 1986mm, the width 1490mm narrowing to 1226mm, and the load height is 1364mm.

Arguably, the compact van market is the most competitive given both the choice of models and the competition in weights. Vans of this nature that are successful tend to carve out their own niche and markets, as too much loading space puts them into a size above, and too little and the car - van market becomes a serious choice. This is the Ford Transit Connect strength, as it offers a highly competitive payload without compromising on manoeuvrability and size.

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