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Mitsubishi L200 Lease Deals

Here’s the pickup that, according to its makers, ‘shows the world how it’s done’ - the fifth generation version of Mitsubishi’s L200. This pickup truck sets the standard when it comes to being both stylish and reliable and it's most affordable when leased.

Mitsubishi L200 Drive & Trim

On the road, you get a reasonably quiet, responsive pickup that’s better to drive than you might expect such a capable LCV to be. Off tarmac, most models get the brand’s clever Super Select 4WD set-up, one of the only set-ups in this class that allows progress at speed in 4WD on-tarmac. Off road, the L200 should be pretty unstoppable, thanks to differential lock options that should get you where you need to be.

How Much Space Is In The Back?

In terms of body shape, there’s a choice of Single Cab, Club Cab (with rear seats) or the Double Cab variant that most of our customers choose. The Double Cab’s cargo bay offers 1520mm of bed length and 1470mm of bed width. In this area you’re able to take a gross payload of up to 1120kg. Combine the cargo area capacity with that powerful 3.1-tonne braked towing capability and you’ll be able to lug up to 4090kg – more than many rivals can manage.

Mitsubishi L200 Fuel Economy & Emissions

The Mitsubishi L200 develops 430Nm of torque. It’s reasonably frugal too: the 154PS variant manages 40.9mpg on the combined cycle and releases 180g/km of CO2.

Lease A Mitsubishi L200

Leasing is a convenient, affordable and simple way to drive a brand-new pickup. It lets people drive brand-new pickup trucks hassle-free thanks to fixed monthly rentals. At Pickup Trucks Direct our 8 Point Price Promise guarantees that you'll get the best leasing deal. Road tax is included too.

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