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PICK A PICKUP: Why the Volkswagen Amarok Highline Auto rocks!

Published on Wednesday 07 December 2016 in Pickup Truck News

PICK A PICKUP: Why the Volkswagen Amarok Highline Auto rocks!

A premium alternative to some popular rivals in the pickup market, the Volkswagen Amarok has sold 15,000 models in the UK since launching in 2011. At Vanarama, we're big fans, especially when you consider the deal we're offering right now – it makes a premium pickup truck available to you for an excellent price.

The pickup market is a big place, and the Amarok has carved itself out a nice corner of it, thanks mainly to it being one of the only five-seat double cabs on the market packing a turbo diesel power plant. Even at the 2.0 litre mark, the TDI engine is more than capable of lugging the two-tonne-plus weight of an Amarok without breaking a sweat.

The best bit of it? For a commercial vehicle, it's incredibly comfortable to drive, with many drivers commending how car-like it is. They just don't feel like they're driving a pickup truck, they feel more like they're driving a high-end performance vehicle. Our customers have made overwhelmingly positive comments, describing the truck as "excellent" and "first class".


Auto Express' Best Pickup two years running

Rugged and practical, the Amarok (which apparently means 'wolf' in Inuit) is no stranger to praise, and being a five-seat double cab – not something pickup drivers often look for – has not stopped it becoming incredibly popular. In 2013 and 2014, back-to-back years, it picked up Best Pickup award at Auto Express' New Car Awards specifically because of its engine choices and versatility.

For us, we'd put the automatic transmission at the top of the list for drivers who want to enjoy the drive to and from jobs, the space it offers, and the attention it receives. Pickup Trucks Direct customer Mark Hockley told us: "I'm very pleased with my pickup. Glad I went for the automatic, it's packed with all the mod cons you could ever need. I love the looks with the long sports bars and roll-top cover."


High-end spec at an affordable price

Rest assured, the Highline Auto version is packed with goodies including air con, cup holders, storage and an attractive interior, and plenty of optional extras (have a chat with one of our account managers to find out more). It's also highly efficient for a vehicle of its class with quoted mpg at the top end of the 30s.

Load space in the back is large enough to fit a Europallet sideways, a massive 1.22m between the rear wheel arches – and the vehicle is more than capable of carrying a clear tonne of cargo, not to mention tow a 3,000kg trailer carrying up to 3.1 tonnes. This vehicle is a beast!


Would you like to know more?

So, if you'd like to find out more about the excellent Volkswagen Amarok Highline Auto, or you're interested in getting your hands on a quote, get in touch with the Pickup Trucks Direct team on 01442 838199, or check it out here.