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Top 4x4 Pickup Trucks for Your Business Needs in 2014

Published on Thursday 07 August 2014 in Pickup Truck Leasing

Top 4x4 Pickup Trucks for Your Business Needs in 2014

We're not going to do a top 5 list of pickup trucks because they each have their own merits and so it would be a pointless exercise. However, it's important for you to know about the best pickup truck to buy for your specific business needs.

So that's what we've done; you can find out what vehicle is best for towing, for the road, for sporty good looks, for reliability, and for commercial presence.

Top Pickup Truck for Towing

With a towing capability of 3500 when braked and 750 when unbraked, the Ford Ranger is our top choice for towing. In addition to the impressive road holding, the vehicle benefits from a Duratorq diesel engine which ensures powerful towing capability. What's more, with a rear view camera, you can make sure you line your vehicle with your trailer.

As well as being amazing at towing, this is a good looking pickup truck that provides optimal comfort. We've had some amazing feedback about the Ford Ranger, with customers identifying how great it is for towing.

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Top for the Road

The Nissan Navara is our favourite pickup truck for the road as it's a vehicle that has all the specifications needed for a smooth, comfortable ride:

  • Cruise control
  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • Dual zone climate
  • Manual air conditioning
  • Adjustable seat for optimal driving position
  • Heated front seats

If you're looking for a workhorse then the Nissan Navara is ideal. Although there are models more suited to transporting heavy loads, this vehicle has been built for your comfort.

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Top for Sporty Good Looks

If you're looking for a pickup truck with sporty good looks the Mitsubishi L200 is the vehicle for you. Obviously, whether your pickup truck is easy on the eye might not be a priority during your search, but you can't deny that with the alloy wheels, colour-keyed wheel arch extensions and touches of chrome, the Mitsubishi L200 gets 10/10 for style.

Also, for comfort during long journeys and ease of manoeuvre, this has the essential specifications including a rear view camera and climate control.

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Top for Reliability

For reliability in extreme conditions and for heavy lifting that won't damage the vehicle, the Toyota Hilux is our top pick. Designed to withstand corrosion and rust, this is ideal if you need a reliable and efficient vehicle.

The Toyota Hilux has a robust suspension for ease of handling and is cheap to run. We know it might be difficult to believe just how bullet proof this is though, so make sure to check out what our customers have to say.

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Top for Commercial Presence

The Volkswagen Amarok is our top pickup truck for commercial presence because it's great for both work and play. This vehicle has impressed us and our customers with its capabilities to carry cargo, haul large loads and survive off road.

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If you're still unsure about what pickup truck is best for your business needs, please contact our team. We're always happy to help.