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The top five pick-up trucks which aren’t actually pick-ups

Published on Monday 07 March 2016 in Pickup Truck News

The top five pick-up trucks which aren’t actually pick-ups

The Hilux, Ranger, L200 and Navara lead the way in the pick-up truck market - now it's time to meet the wannabes. Have you ever wondered what a converted Bentley or Ferrari would look like as a pick-up?

Here's our top five converted workhorses and the stories behind their magical transformations.

Mini Cooper Paceman Adventure

Mini challenged a group of their Interns to convert a Paceman into a pick-up truck. What they produced looks amazing! Admittedly it won't carry much, but the customised roof rack with a spare tire and the extra row of lights are great additions.

Bentley S1

Have you seen a more elegant pick-up truck? This classic Bentley S1 from 1956 was shipped to Australia to Keith Rous, the 6th Earl of Stradbroke. It was put up for auction in 2011 with an estimate of £21,000.

VW Beetle

This 1971 VW Beetle had the rear removed and was converted into a stunning pick-up truck. We're not quite sure about the colour scheme, however it's still guaranteed to turn plenty of heads.

Mustang Ranchero 

The owner of this converted Mustang installed an Air Lift air suspension with Colorado Custom billet wheels and lowered the suspension to create his dream pick-up. Good job he's not in the UK - it'd get ruined without a roof.

Ferrari 412

Is this the World's first Ferrari pick-up truck? A total of 300mm of the car's roof was removed to form a one metre long load bed. It's lined with strips of teak wood. Surely only the best would do for a Ferrari pick-up!

Which one would be your preferred ride? Let us know in the comments section below.