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The top 3 pickup trucks built for business!

Published on Wednesday 30 May 2018 in Pickup Truck News

The top 3 pickup trucks built for business!

Looking for a new pickup truck?

Why do some people prefer pickup trucks to vans? Here's four reasons: load capacity, flexibility, rear visibility and comfort. And it probably helps that they look cool, but what are the top 3 pickup trucks available right now? Pickup Trucks Direct's Tom Roberts reports.

Pickup trucks are the commercial vehicle of choice, and a top-performing segment in the vehicle industry to-date. Why? Well, how does the idea of a vehicle that's built to work but packs all the comfort and tech of a top-flight car grab you?

THAT's what pickups offer – load space, pulling power, tough engines, that's all the practicality covered; deep seats, good driving position, arm rests and cup holders, that's the comfort covered. But what are the top 3 available to lease right now? Read on…



Ford Ranger – Tough and iconic

Pickup Trucks Direct customer Paul Nash said it best: "On first sight I thought 'wow' and I still feel the same!" The Ford Ranger is a beast – powerful, refined, and packed with cutting-edge tech and safety features.

Another of our customers, Kenny Fraser, highlighted in his review on our site that "compared to other pickups, it appears to be better built and more refined. It also has a higher towing limit than all but one of the other crew cabs, and because I tow a heavy trailer a lot, that is essential."

You can read more about the Ford Ranger here, or check out our video review below >>>



Mitsubishi L200 – Reliable and versatile

Happy customer Andrew Pottage described the Mitsubishi L200 as "very practical, yet still has the comforts and spec of a family car". This is a huge plus point for business users who want to double up the use of their new vehicle, and you'd be surprised how many people do it.

Happy customer Hollie Miller explained that her L200 is "a great mix for work and family use, plenty of space and power".

You can read more about the Mitsubishi L200 here, or check out our video review below >>>



Nissan Navara – Robust and smart

The Nissan Navara has been around for years, and it keeps getting better with every iteration. Pickup Trucks Direct customer Patrick Burton said: "It's an excellent multi-use vehicle – just as expected." And customer Adam Callis called it "the best pickup money can buy".

You can read more about the Nissan Navara here, or check out our video review below >>>

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