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PICK A PICKUP: The Ford Ranger and why it's a great choice to lease

Published on Tuesday 13 December 2016 in Pickup Truck News

PICK A PICKUP: The Ford Ranger and why it's a great choice to lease

Did you know that the "Ranger" name has been used by Ford before? No less than two times? Firstly, it was used on the here-today-gone-tomorrow Edsel Ranger car, then on the F-Series pickup truck available only in the USA. Today though, you can't think of the word "Ranger" in the same breath as commercial vehicles without thinking of Ford's rugged pickup – and that's what we're going to look at right now.

The Ford Ranger has a lot of history, in one shape or another it's been available in the UK since 1971. And over the years it's built up a reputation as a powerful and versatile vehicle. Vanarama customer Robin Rutt described it as being a "good sturdy truck. Comfy, decent performance, enough of the gadgets and accessories that matter. Ideal for a family vehicle that can also be used as a work horse."


Engineered to be powerful

You might be surprised to know that the original Rangers were Ford engineering the Japanese Mazda B-Series right up until 2011. But that year was the one where Ford took them on themselves and Ford Australia stepped in to design and engineer them.

Created to be a commercial pickup, the Ranger had to be powerful, and it is. It's capable of pulling massive loads, which is great because it looks like it should be. Customer Kenny Fraser reviewed it on our site, saying: "Compared to other pickups I have tried, it appears to be better built and more refined. It also has a higher towing limit than all but one of the other crew cabs, and as I tow a heavy trailer a lot, that is essential."


Good looking, so refined

One of our customers, Paul Nash, inspired this whole section of the article when he wrote: "On first sight I thought 'wow' and I still feel the same!" And he's not alone, fans across the world love the look of this truck, and it's easy to understand why. At the same time as looking like a pickup, there's something about it that makes you look twice.

The new-look grille is a big reason, with its three imposing horizontal bars, the top one emblazoned with the 'Ranger' name and the middle on packing the large Ford badge. The interior has also had a facelift with a tonne of cutting-edge tech and safety features, not to mention loads of storage. Our customer Geoffrey Bullis said: "It has a better trim level then the other trucks I looked at, so it's great to use as a second car if needed." See what we mean?


Why try the Ford Ranger Diesel Limited 1 2.2 TDCi?

It's rough, tough, safe and economic – simple as. You can tow a massive 1,800kg, and still benefit from a whopping 43.5mpg. It's also got a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating, so you're safe while on business, and your family are too when they pack in the back.

It drives well too, with electric power steering proving a massive plus for users needing to get in tight places. The 2.2l diesel option is also trumped as being a nice and smooth drive, with off-road capability you'd expect from such a vehicle – if you needed to, you could wade through 800mm of water, and truck up 28-degree slopes.

So, check out the Ford Ranger on our site, and get in touch if you'd like to know more on 01442 838199.