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Introducing the stylish DERANGED Ford Ranger

Published on Wednesday 02 May 2018 in Van Leasing

Introducing the stylish DERANGED Ford Ranger

Big, striking, powerful…the Ford Ranger is already a style icon in the pickup truck world, but DERANGED – the Essex-based vehicle modification company – has pushed them to the limit. Vanarama Content Editor Tom Roberts reports.

Think pickup trucks and there's little doubt that a few vehicle names will enter your mind straight away. In fact, I'll bet all the money in MY pocket, against all the money in YOUR pocket that the Ford Ranger was one of them. Was I right?

We've already gone far enough around in the fashion world that black has become "the new black". But with the DERANGED series of Ford Ranger Pickup Trucks, the black bodywork is only half the story. These vehicles pack all the iconic power and poise of a Ford Ranger, with the stylish satin black swagger of DERANGED's additions. And before we go any further…these vehicles are EXCLUSIVELY available to lease from Vanarama – visit our site to find out more about the deals.

Make the choice to stand out

DERANGED has set itself the goal of disrupting normality and create timeless versions of standout vehicles. Driving a DERANGED vehicle is about personalisation with attitude, it's a desire to stand out from the crowd, and you will certainly do that in one of these vehicles.

Technical Director Alex Kilbey said: "We want DERANGED vehicles to be regarded as one of the most prestigious on the road, and we're sure our top-quality craftsmanship will take 'attention to detail' to the next level. Styling does not stop with the exterior because we believe a tailormade interior is just as important – if not more so. After all, this is what the owner will be enjoying every time they use the vehicle."

Check out the video below for an exclusive look at the vehicle and its detailing:


Pick a Ford Ranger – it's an icon

The Ford Ranger has earned its reputation as a go anywhere, do anything pickup truck, but it has massive appeal with users who want a certain level of car-like luxury and comfort. So what has DERANGED done with it? They've taken this great truck and pushed it to the next level by adding luxury, style and performance – that's what! Choosing a DERANGED Ford Ranger is choosing the perfect balance of a pickup truck that will perform AND turn heads wherever you go.

Here's a more detailed look at the versions you can lease from Vanarama:


Deranged Ford Ranger Double Cab Limited 2.2

Designed from top to bottom with pushing the Ford Ranger design to its limits in mind, this DERANGED custom version of the Double Cab Limited 2.2 is a SERIOUS pickup truck. Alongside everything you'd expect from a Ford Ranger under the hood, you'll get gloss black paint from front to back, this vehicle features black details and UV privacy glass, and an 8-piece wide arch body kit. Well worth a look if you're in the market for power and eye-popping looks in one vehicle.

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Deranged Ford Ranger Double Cab Limited 1 3.2

Iconic is just a word, seeing this DERANGED custom version of the Ford Ranger Limited 3.2 is the true meaning of the word. Just look at the black gloss paintwork, the black interior, those massive satin black alloy wheels and the incredible body kit. This version features everything that makes the Ranger great, but with the enhancements and attitude offered by the DERANGED makeover. Power meets luxury meets attitude – that's what it's all about.

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Deranged Ford Ranger Double Cab Wildtrak 3.2

At the top of the Ford Ranger range, THIS exciting DERANGED custom version of the Wildtrak 3.2 is packed with everything you'd expect from a Ranger and plenty more enhancements. This is the top of the food chain, maximum luxury, maximum power. Black leather luxury interior and steering wheel, UV privacy glass, huge satin black alloy wheels and all the bells and whistles. This is the top of the DERANGED range of Rangers, get involved!

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Let us know what you think about these amazing vehicles in the comments. Do you think they're as stylish as we do? Head to to see the full range.