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How to compare pickup trucks

Published on Tuesday 08 July 2014 in Pickup Truck News

How to Compare Pickup Trucks

If you are going to compare pickup trucks, it's important that you think about the overall purpose of your new vehicle. By establishing this first, you will have a clearer image of what you are looking for when you start to compare. To help you, we have put together a guide of what you should think about when comparing pickup trucks.


When establishing the right size it is important to be realistic about your business needs. By making this a priority, you are not only being safer but there is also the potential to save money. You should also test how accessible the vehicle is in terms of getting in and out, and whether it is easy to manoeuvre or not; important to consider when the pickup truck will be used regularly for work.

Running Costs

Getting the right pickup truck for the job will save you money. So bear in mind that it may work out cheaper for you to find a pickup truck for specific tasks rather than sourcing one vehicle to cover all duties. If you're struggling to work out the cost of running your vehicle, then check out our running cost calculator to estimate the cost of each of our vehicles!

Vehicle Specifics

We recommend that you make a list of the features you will need. This will enable you to identify the features most important to you and your requirements. If your business involves manoeuvring whilst carrying a trailer, then you might consider a rear view camera as more of an essential feature than cruise control. By establishing the purpose of your vehicle at the start of this process you are more likely to be pleased with the end result.

Manual or Automatic

Choosing the transmission of your vehicle revolves around the role of the pickup truck in your business. We would suggest opting for an automatic transmission if you plan on towing a large cargo load; shifting gears with manual can cause frequent damage to the clutch. However, although you can avoid a clutch issue if you opt for automatic, there is the chance of overheating due to the extra weight, so you could look into transmission coolers to solve this.


Everyone will be looking for a reliable vehicle, but presumably, at a specific level dependent on their needs. So be realistic; buy the right pickup truck for your needs. If your vehicle matches your needs then it will be more sustainable.


If you are going to be in your pickup truck during most days or for long periods of time, then you should definitely seek high levels of comfort specific to your needs.


When choosing a vehicle you want to know you're getting a great asset at good value for money. So be sensible. We don't want you to risk your ability to lease in the future, which is why we always aim to save you money through a stress free process. What's more, we want you to get your dream truck for a dream price, which is why we have a significant number of vehicles on special offers.

If you are still struggling to make a final decision and need a little more help, try out our pickup truck comparison tool that will instantly compare two pickup trucks for you