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Ford Ranger comes top of the class with highest MOT pass rate

Published on Wednesday 18 June 2014 in Pickup Truck Leasing

Ford Ranger

Pickup drivers who are considering leasing a Ford Ranger now have an extra reason to choose one. It has been revealed that it is the commercial vehicle with the *highest MOT pass rate in the country.

Although most leasing contracts don't extend beyond the three year mark when the requirement for an MOT would usually kick in, it's always worth considering the resale value of a vehicle when choosing which pickup to opt for. A vehicle's resale value can have an impact on how much equity you get at the end of your lease agreement.

The Ranger was far ahead of the field with an MOT pass rate of 81%. Only the Peugeot Bipper van came anywhere near at 79%.

So, that's another feather in the cap of the Ranger which is already one of the most popular pickups here at Vanarama, for good reason too:

  • It is available in a full range of bodystyles; single, super and double cab. The latter allows firms to carry a team of workers, as well as all the tools needed, onto site. At the weekend, it will also double as a leisure vehicle with plenty of space for all the family.
  • Comfort and sophistication in the cab, yet with the workhorse durability required from a commercial vehicle.
  • Maximum five star Euro NCAP rating scoring 89% for overall safety and 81% for pedestrian protection.

More details about the award winning Ford Ranger can be found here

* analysed 24.5 million MOT records