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Did you know we fit pickup truck accessories?

Published on Wednesday 02 May 2018 in Van Leasing

Did you know we fit pickup truck accessories?

There's a wide range of optional accessories you can have added to your pickup truck when you order it – so here's a reminder of some of the best-selling items.

The vast majority of pickup trucks (nearly 90%) are accessorised in some way. And like your leasing deal, you should always be looking for the best value and best fit.

In some cases, the team at Pickup Trucks Direct can save you up to 50% against main dealer prices for a similar (often identical) canopy or roller shutter. We can also fit them ourselves in our workshop prior to delivery and include the cost in your leasing deal. The accessories we fit are quite often used by the manufactures themselves and are fitted by skilled technicians to the highest standard.

Here are just a few examples of the pickup truck accessories available. Please call 01442 838 199 for more details, or head to for more information on the other accessories we can fit.


Hard Top Canopy

ASX Hardtops (also known as canopies) are manufactured to the highest quality and are often supplied to the major pickup truck manufacturers.

Available from only £25 +VAT a month extra


Roller shutter

The Jack Rabbit retractable hard tonneau cover retracts automatically using a pull strap and opens and closes without needing the key. The cover is fully lockable and has locking positions every 12 inches and automatically catches into position as you pull it forward.

Available from only £19 +VAT a month extra


Tow bar

Since it was founded over half a century ago, Witter has consistently set the standard for quality, reliability, and value for money in the tow bar market.

Available from only £5 +VAT a month extra


To find out more, call 01442 838 199 or go to, select a vehicle and take a look at the accessories you could order for it.