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Fiat Fullback

Fiat Fullback Offers

Fiat wants to be a major player when it comes to light commercial vehicles but it can’t be without a competitive pickup model in its LCV line-up. Hence the need for this model, the Fullback and it's most affordable when leased. It’s smartly-styled and fundamentally fit for purpose.

Fiat Fullback Drive & Trim

If you haven’t driven a modern-era pickup, we’d expect you to be quite favourably impressed by the on-road experience that this Fiat Fullback serves up. As with rivals though, there are still quite a few allowances to be made if you’re going to live the pickup dream. Inevitably so, given that vehicles of this sort must feature old-fashioned rear leaf springs in order to accommodate the heavy loads they might be called upon to carry.

There are two basic mechanical set-ups on offer, both of which use a Mitsubishi-derived aluminium 2.4-litre diesel engine. The entry-level SX model features a 150bhp version of this unit but mates it to an old-tech all-wheel traction system that forces you into 2WD most of the time unless you’re off road.

Better is the more sophisticated Super Select 4WD set-up that’s fitted to plusher LX and Cross-spec Fullback models - like the ones most Pickup Trucks Direct customers tend to choose. This gets mated to a pokier 180bhp version of that engine and allows you to drive at speed on tarmac in permanent 4WD without excessive drivetrain wear and tear. Off road, the Fullback should be pretty unstoppable, thanks to differential lock options that should get you where you need to be.

Fiat Fullback Fuel Economy & Emissions

Efficiency levels are acceptable by class standards, the 180bhp variant managing 39.8mpg on the combined cycle and 186g/km of CO2. There’s a braked towing capacity of 3100kgs and a class-leading tight turning circle of 5.9m. 

Lease A Fiat Fullback

Leasing is easily the most cost-effective way of running this Fiat Fullback and at Pickup Trucks Direct, our peace of mind promise guarantees you the best deal. For example, if the price of your vehicle reduces before we deliver it, your payments will be reduced by the exact same amount. And if interest rates go down before delivery, we'll pass the price reduction on to you.

Our skilled technicians can fit a wide range of pickup truck accessories to your new pickup truck.

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