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Deranged Vehicles

Our new DERANGED pickup trucks not only look cool but they are great to drive and we have EXCLUSIVE leasing offers

Ford Ranger and Nissan Navara can look even more cool with DERANGED without compromising on performance.

Pickup Trucks Direct EXCLUSIVELY offer new iconic Ford Ranger DERANGED and Nissan Navara DERANGED leasing deals that you can't buy anywhere else!

Essex-based vehicle personalisation company DERANGED are all about building on what makes a pickup truck great and they bring it out in a stylish and unique way.


Nissan Navara DERANGED

First up, the brand-new Nissan Navara. It's already a top performer in its class, but Deranged have turned it on its head aesthetically, while keeping that iconic pickup shape and skillset intact. Chrome is out, and a total black-out is in, with all the features on the Nissan Navara that would usually be chrome-coloured given a bold, black finish: check out the fog lights, side steps, roof rails and rear bumper and you'll see it for yourself.

Right at the front of the Navara sits the classic Deranged signature grille and metal plaque shield, BUT Deranged has installed its own bracket system on the grille to fix the front-view camera right in the centre - clever stuff. And don't forget to check out those imposing tyres, they've got a real presence. Forget your everyday pickup truck wheels, these bad boys give the Navara a bigger profile on and off the road. You'll be turning heads behind the wheel of this tank - check out the deals below.


Ford Ranger DERANGED

And what about the iconic Ford Ranger? The Deranged version has got all the features of a tough and rugged Ford Ranger wrapped up in an awesome-looking package that pushes the idea of a custom Ranger to the next level. How? Simply by adding top-of-class luxury style - just take a look at the pictures. The Ranger is already known for its reliable and tough capability, Deranged have just given it a boost with increased performance and a variety of enhancements.

Shiny, black paintwork, imposing wheels, jet-black alloys and accentuated features such as blacked-out finishing and, again, that great Deranged badge on the front grille. So, if you're after a pickup truck that will truly set you apart from the rest, a vehicle that speaks volumes in style and attitude without compromising on the things that make it great, look no further than the Ford Ranger by Deranged. Take a look at the deals below, and remember, these mean-looking vehicles are EXCLUSIVELY available to lease from Pickup Trucks Direct - check out our leasing deals below.

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