Young male drivers 'too confident'

Friday 30 December 2011 | By Evolution InternetBack to Newsroom

Young male drivers 'too confident'

Young male drivers put themselves at risk when behind the wheel as they suffer from a "lethal combination of overconfidence and inexperience".

This is according to the Institute of Advanced Motorists' (IAM's) chief executive Simon Best, who claimed practice is the only way to increase safety among the demographic.

His comments follow the results of the latest study by the body, which revealed 62 per cent of young novice male drivers believe they are more skilful than the average person on the road.

Mr Best warned this attitude leads to "many paying thousands of pounds a year in insurance and killing themselves".

He claimed the solution "is to link driver training and insurance discounts".

In comparison to men, 32 per cent of young women gave the same response when asked about their ability.

The IAM recently urged parents to encourage their offspring to take part in Skill for Life training in a bid to cut accidents and increase safety.