Tips on improving new year driving skills

Thursday 29 December 2011 | By Evolution InternetBack to Newsroom

Tips on improving new year driving skills

Individuals keen to improve their driving skills in the new year may want to take heed of one expert's advice.

Driver training specialist at the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Simon Elstow, reminded people they need to be alert and take the time to look for hazards when behind the wheel.

"The new year is a common time for people to sit back, reflect and revaluate. Why not begin by making changes to your driving to make you safer on the road in 2012?" he stated.

Tips included anticipating the traffic at roundabouts, junctions and lights, while leaving plenty of room between vehicles can help prevent accidents.

It was also advised that drivers should make full use of their mirrors so they have a 360-degree awareness of what's happening around the car.

Earlier this year, the IAM released its Road Safety Manifesto, which outlined the importance of promoting driver skills improvements on UK roads.