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I'm currently a self employed gardener and looking for a new pickup truck. I am struggling with how to go about it and the best way for me to finance it and was wondering if you could help me decide on what way to go. Thanks.

Hi Scott. Without knowing more about your specific requirements, it’s hard to say which would be the best choice for you, but there are certainly plenty of options. Contract Hire could be the way to go if you’re looking for a fixed price solution and you don’t want the hassle of deciding what to do with the van at the end of the contract, as it would be handed back to the Finance Company. If you don’t want any strict mileage limitations and you’re looking to build up equity in the van over your contract, it would be worth considering a Finance Lease or Lease Purchase. I know it can be intimidating to weigh up all the options, so please feel free to give the Pickup Trucks Direct team a call – they’re experienced at providing impartial advice and helping you figure out what’s best for you. All the best, Andy.

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