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Pickup Truck Leasing Broker

Essentially we're a pickup truck leasing broker; what that means to you is that we are independent and can make sure that the pickup truck you buy, and the leasing product you choose to buy it with, are the best for both you and your business.

Our aim is to help you buy a new pickup truck, in the most cost effective and simple way possible, at the same time as giving you fantastic levels of customer service.

Hopefully, if we get that right, you'll not only came back to us but you'll tell friends and colleagues about us. You may already know which pickup truck you need and which type of leasing you would like to use to buy it. If that's the case then what we'll be able to help you with is ensuring that the deal you choose is the best available.

Here are the main business and personal lease finance products that you can use to buy your new pickup truck.

Business Contract Finance

Personal Contract Finance

They are all different in terms of how they are set up, what they mean to you from a tax point of view, and how much flexibility they have. Find out more about Pickup Truck Finance Options.

How is the monthly payment or rental calculated?

There are three main things that determine what you pay by way of monthly payment or rental for your new pickup truck. They are:

1. The cost of the pickup truck (s)

It goes without saying that the less you pay for the pickup truck then the cheaper the payments or rental will be. Where you'll benefit from dealing with us is that we order significant volumes of all of the pickups featured on our special offer page. So instead of getting the discount equivalent to one or two pickup trucks, you will get the benefit of the discount appropriate for literally hundreds of vehicles!

2. The interest rate

Interest rates are low at the minute anyway but, just like when ordering the vehicles, the more finance volume we put through our funders the cheaper the cost of money becomes. Just like the discounts, that is reflected in the leasing prices quoted.

3. The residual value

All of our lenders will have an idea of what they think the pickup truck will be worth at the end of the leasing contract you take out. Other than the mileage you do in the pickup and how long you want to keep it for, they will take into account what the industry think it will be worth at the end of the leasing period via programmes like CAP or Glass's Guide.

They will also look at their own experience of that particular vehicle i.e. does a particular vehicle attract buyers from a certain sector that is higher risk? How many they have of that model on their books will also be taken into account - if they have too many they might decide to lower the predicted value, which would make the payments or rental higher and stem the flow of that particular model or if they feel they don't have enough of that particular model on their books they may do the opposite.

Best Discount & Interest Rates

In all three of these cases our sales volume of over 1,400 vehicles per month means that not only do you get the best discount and the best interest rates but we can make sure that as we have relationships with all of the finance companies that operate in this sector, you will be quoted the best leasing rate for your new pickup truck.

Obviously the deposit you pay, as well as the term, will also affect the monthly payments or rental but that's very much down to what you want to pay upfront, and how much you can afford or want to spend.

But even if you don't know already what pickup truck you want or how you want to pay for it, we will help you choose the best option that suits your circumstances and budget. We won't sell to you, we'll help you buy and you'll always get what's best for you, not what's best for us.

The bottom line is that you will get the best deal possible, whatever pickup truck you need.

We'll make the whole process straightforward and hassle-free.

Deposit can mean initial payment or initial rental depending on the contract type.


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